A gentle romantic drama can oftentimes be the perfect remedy to fix a bored soul; a pleasant little escape that can help the most willing of viewers escape from the mundanity of daily routine. Gaza Mon Amour, the latest film from the directorial duo the Nasser Brothers, is a gentle diamond in the rough. The film is incredibly soft and formidable in its depiction of modern romance, in which the film manages to simultaneously comment on the social expectations found in many middle eastern countries. The refreshing change of pace in terms of environment and customs creates a rather pleasant viewing experience, where the dreamlike quality of the film is always present in each of the various locations. Gaza Mon Amour is scattered with different set-pieces that help introduce the audience to the cast of peculiar characters; all of which are seeking some sort of consolidation in their monotonous lives. 

Gaza Mon Amour is occasionally comedic and heartwarming, though for the most part it’s a rather dry romantic journey. The film takes some intriguing narrative turns, and the occasional visual absurdist metaphor can be a cheeky ode to the desperate yearning of the film’s lead protagonist. However, the central issue with the film comes with the lack of development from the love interest’s point of view, where the masculine-centric perspective overshadows what should have been the strongest element of the film. The romance in Gaza Mon Amour is largely cheap due to a lack of authenticity and progressive character development between the pairing. Whilst the adorable ending is appreciated, the Nasser Brothers should have considered at the very least another rewrite of their script. There’s an incredible story in this jumble of messy good-intentions, and with trial and error, one can expect great things in the future from this talented band of brothers. 

Gaza mon amour

Gaza Mon Amour is now available to stream at this year’s 56th Chicago International Film Festival as part of the Comedy, Love in the Time Of…, and New Directors Competition programs.

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