Varda By Agnès has a unique emotion running underneath it. On surface, it may appear to be a joyful introspection of a celebrated auteur’s career; but there’s a deeper level of emotion bubbling below. The documentary is the final work that Varda directed in her lifetime before her death in March at the age of […]


Interview: Rúnar Rúnarsson on Echo

In our latest On The Clock exclusive, we talked to Icelandic director Rúnar Rúnarsson about his influences, unique vignette narrative structure, and personal experiences and inspirations on his latest film Echo! Moderated by David Cuevas, this interview is our closing article for this year’s Festival Du Nouveau Cinema coverage. David: I really enjoyed Echo quite […]

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Little Joe – FNC 2019 Review

For those unaware of the BBC turned Netflix TV Series Black Mirror, the aforementioned television anthology revolves around numerous distinct social political fables, that discusses on modern ideas and concepts in a satirical and playful manner. In recent memory, the show has been almost used as a label, to identity different types of media, based […]

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Bacurau – FNC 2019 Review

The film festival circuit this year is particularly bizarre. Although there’s a few films that have garnered critical and awards praise that deserve their recognition (with films such as Parasite, Marriage Story, American Factory, and Jojo Rabbit in mind), it seems as though there’s a recurring pattern of films that fall into the same trap […]

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Mickey and the Bear – FNC 2019 Review

University applications, college admissions, prom and graduation. Transitioning from teenage-hood to the fateful conversion of becoming an adult can be a nerve wracking experience! For Mickey however, this is the least of her worries…. Annabelle Attanasio’s directorial debut Mickey and the Bear is somber tale of coming of age and the dangerous effects of toxic […]

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Anne at 13,000 FT – FNC 2019 REVIEW

For many privileged economically-sustainable families, daycare workers have shaped many toddlers into the people who we are today. Their kindred adolescent spirits have guided us towards a path of maturity, during hour-long waits for a drive-ride back home. I for one, would probably not even be writing these words at this current moment in time, […]

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