On-Gaku: Our Sound – OIAF 2019 Review

Imagine the mumble-core likings of Hong Sang-soo, mixed in with a bit of Aki Kaurismäki and John Carney’s Sing Street, and you essentially get On-Gaku: Our Sound. Produced for a micro-budget of $40,000 USD, Kenji Iwaisawa and his crew of resourceful, resilient teammates managed to put together one hell of an entertaining light 60-minute feature. […]

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I Lost My Body – OIAF 2019 Review

I’ve been a fan of Jérémy Clapin’s short film filmography since his film Palmipedarium, which premiered back in 2012. His unique eye for earnest stories about the human spirit and resilience is motivating and courageous. Each of his film’s are uniquely different, with all of them, either music video or narrative think-piece, being key players […]

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Black Conflux – TIFF 2019 Review

After attending TIFF 2019 and seeing many festival favorites, I was left with a similar impression, with how the majority of films that I saw at the fest, never felt influential to me. That was until I saw Black Conflux from writer-director Nicole Dorsey. It’s a film that follows a very simplistic narrative, centralizing around […]

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The Truth – TIFF 2019 Review

To Hirokazu Kore-eda, family means everything. With each delicate film added onto his ever growing filmography, each of his stories, even some of his more non-traditional genre fare, have something to do with relationship drama and the connections where family comes into play. These elements are always endearing, mainly due to Kore-eda’s sensitive touch. Already […]

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Knives Out – TIFF 2019 Review

Knives Out is a film best experienced with knowing as little as possible, so don’t worry fellow reader! The following review is 100% spoiler free! Knives Out is the newest film from acclaimed filmmaker Rian Johnson. The film stars an all-star cast that consists of Daniel Craig, Ana De Armas, Chris Evans, Toni Collette, Jamie […]

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