Any film which opens with two quotes from both Shakespeare and Beyoncé should at the very least live up to the hype of these two living legends. In the case of Come to Daddy, I’m unsure if director Ant Timpson received this memo. For a directorial debut with a title so wildly cringy, one would […]


A Look Into the World of Makoto Shinkai

Whether if it’s culture clash, genre intrigue, or strictly coordinated production management, Anime for better for worse has translated rapidly onto an international scale in the past decade. While films produced by Studio Ghibli have been premiering since the early festival days of the 1990’s, the television and theatrical movement of more globally distributed content […]

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The Harsh Warmth of Beanpole

The first word that comes to mind when Kantemir Balagov’s Beanpole opens is ‘sick’. The city is sick with war, saturated greens and yellows appear through the stark white and gray of post-war Stalingrad. This is not the green of life, but a hue of suffering and decay. The white light that filters through the […]

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