Shazam! – Review

With most recent superhero films, I’ve found myself becoming more and more unsatisfied and, quite honestly, bored with their uninspired and repetitive beats. I find that there’s either superhero films that fall into a specific formula to guarantee success and mass audience appeal, or those that attain a label of “dumb fun”…and not much else. […]

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The Beach Bum – Review

Harmony Korine. Depending on who you ask, that name will either bring up admiration or disgust. Ever since breaking out with the one-two punch of Kids and Gummo (writing on the first one and directing-writing the later), the enfant terrible has equally shocked and delighted festival audiences, and even briefly managed to break out into […]

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Hail Satan? – Review

There’s only a select few documentarians which I could label their work as revelatory. Some of these directors include Wim Wenders, Michael Moore, and Morgan Neville. However, one filmmaker as of recently has changed the way I look at the medium, which I’m glad to add to the ranks of these very filmmakers. This artist […]

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Gloria Bell – Review

Movies that center on women over the age of 50 are unfortunately, a rarity in Hollywood. According to a study from San Diego State University, only 8% of women seen in the top 100 domestic grossing movies of 2018 were over the age of 50. Movies like Gloria Bell, movies about complicated, older women, should […]

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Wonder Park – Review

What can be best describe as a descent into sheer madness, Nickelodeon’s Wonder Park is anything but a pleasant experience. From the same animation studio who produced the Academy Award Winning Rango (which was just merely produced less than a decade ago), it’s almost downright questionable how awful and contrived Wonder Park ended up being. […]

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Captive State – Review

With the saturation of the science fiction genre, it’s tough to get a high-concept invasion flick without going through the tedious stages of conception vs execution. With Rupert Wyatt’s Captive State, his unique eye for extraterrestrial life forms and human association is unfortunately halted due to his very inability to fully flesh out his ideas. […]

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Long Shot – Review

The latest crowd pleaser from SXSW, Long Shot represents a grand return for Seth Rogen to the romantic comedy genre, which helped to establish him as a leading comedian (Knocked Up, Zack and Miri Make a Porno). It also continues the hot streak in Charlize Theron’s career, which has recently featured memorable turns in Tully […]

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