Aren’t You Happy – FNC 2019 Review

“Do you believe a better world is yet to come?” In the last couple months, I’ve noticed an intriguing and hopeful trend, related to contemporary German cinema. There’s been a recent spike in female-directed empowerment pieces, which have all been critically acclaimed and financially stable. It all started with Adina Pintilie’s Golden Bear-winning Touch Me […]

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The Lighthouse – TIFF 2019 Review

Since The Witch struck a chord in the art-house horror scene back in 2015, fans have been clamoring for the latest project from breakout voice Robert Eggers. Blending spacial tension with withering familial bonds, Eggers created a tense ball of stress, that continued to untangle over the course of 2015’s divisive horror release. With his […]

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Mister America – Review

Looking back on the 2016 documentary Weiner, Mister America (2019) surprisingly has a lot of resemblance to the aforementioned picture. Both films follow the day in the life of a politician (either fiction or very much real), and their journey towards an ultimate goal of a successful election. The thing with the two films, is […]

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Another year, another festival gone by. Ever since 2013, I’ve been attending the Ottawa International Animation Festival every consecutive year; and I honestly hope that this trend won’t stop anytime soon. What makes the OIAF such a special festival, is it’s unfiltered lens on art and the social-political climate. Unlike the Toronto International Film Festival, […]


Away – OIAF 2019 Review

Taking the title of “one-man show” a step forward from the average crowd, this animated marvel is a creation that comes from one singular mind; the maddening persistence of vision from Latvian director Gints Zilbalodis. Small-scaled in narrative, explosively grand in world building, the universe set in Away is an extensive fictional reality. The film […]

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