To celebrate the end of the 2010’s, the On The Clock team is officially offering an opportunity for YOU to share a piece of writing on our platform on some of your favorite films of this decade. Write a paragraph review explaining why you think a certain film deserves to be recognized as one of this decade’s best, and receive an opportunity to have a piece of writing published on our site! Simply submit the following form below with your information, and we’ll get back you ASAP! The first 50 eligible submissions are automatically accepted, so submit as soon as possible! The official deadline is December 20th! The article will be published on December 31st.


1) The list will be made out of 150 films in total. The first 50 submitting get primary access, and have an official guarantee to be posted. The rest of submitting will done in a lottery format, where the choices are picked at random. You can write any aspect about the film of your choosing! Be creative with your angle!

2) You CAN submit more than one submission. However, only you’re first submission will be considered first. The rest of your submissions will be put in the lottery, if you manage to create two or more applications before the 50 people submitting mark.

3) WE GO BY USA/CANADIAN RELEASE DATES ONLY! If a film premiered this year, but is set for an official 2020 limited theatrical release, that film will not be counted towards the list. Exceptions will made however, if the film is an official Oscar submission for this year’s Academy Awards. For example, while Corneliu Porumboiu’s The Whistlers isn’t set for an official release until late February/early March 2020, the film would still be eligible for this list, due to how it’s an official international film submission from Romania for this year’s 92nd Academy Awards. Same applies if a 2009 film was officially released in America in 2010, but was submitted for the 82nd Academy Awards; said film would be disqualified for this list.

Let’s build something together.

Moonlight (2016)

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