About Us

Welcome to On The Clock, a new collaborative project meant to gather different voices from across the web, to come together to write about film. Our site is more random by means of content. You’ll find plenty of new and interesting material such as reviews, essay’s, and possibly writing’s based on personal experiences. Essentially, this is a digital version of a Zine. A collage of sort’s based on one specific passion, The Motion Picture.

Want to Join The Club? Send an email to davidcamilocg@gmail.com with a few writing samples of your work! All ages are welcome to submit!


  • Photo Pictured Above-Taken from Mirai (2018) Dir. Mamoru Hosoda
  • Banner Picture-Taken from Bird Milk (2018) Dir. Christopher Strickler
  • Icon Picture-Taken from Loop Ring Chop Drink (2014) Dir. Nicholas Ménard