Five Feet Apart – Review

It goes without saying that the overall generated impact for Five Feet Apart, has genuinely changed the point of view of Cystic Fibrosis from the point of view of general moviegoers everywhere. From the trailers airing back in 2018, and the official hype and release of the film, Five Feet Apart may go down in […]

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Ruben Brandt, Collector – Review

Joining the ranks of films such as The Illusionist and Waltz with Bashir, Sony Pictures Classics, famed independent film distributor, returns after a long awaited animation drought with Ruben Brandt, Collector, their first animated release since The Red Turtle. Unfortunately to note, Ruben Brandt, Collector,  is an incoherent yet deeply passionate animated expose on noir […]

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Alita: Battle Angel – Review

In a world where a cyborg hit-man dog-lover roams around thug-driven bars, with his cybernetically enhanced rottweilers, Alita: Battle Angel’s environment and lavish sets is a beautiful convoluted piece of world building. Composed by the one and only Robert Rodriguez, famed and critically acclaimed director behind The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D (No, […]

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Cold Pursuit – Review

I wasn’t really looking forward to Cold Pursuit at first, with the more than expected extreme winter weather conditions as of late. After recent developments in a specific interview with Liam Neeson, my anticipation for the film slowly amounted to a shrug, nothing to spectacular to look forward too, but nothing completely deplorable, or for […]

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