A Dog’s Way Home – Review

Hear me out for a second. A Dog’s Way Home is one odd fucking trip. As weird as it may sound, A Dog’s Way Home may be one of the most strangest January releases we’ve had since A Dog’s Purpose. It’s a rambunctious film to say the least, one of barely any cohesiveness nor depth, […]

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The Upside – Review

  Editors Note: The Last Time David Had Viewed The Intouchables Was Back in 13′, So His General Recollection Of The Original Film Varies, Based On His Own Memory I’m personally quite the avid fan of Toledano and Nakache’s work.  Although I wouldn’t call their films masterpieces, the one thing that every Toledano and Nakache […]

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Escape Room (2019) – Review

Did anyone expect that Escape Room (2019) would be any good? If it wasn’t already a prime indicator to start with, Sony’s newest franchise starter is a dreary, constipated cluster of creative ideas which fail to resonate. In other terms, it’s a January release at it’s finest. Although Escape Room is a poorly directed, stiltedly acted […]

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New Year, Same Us

New Year, Same Us. On The Clock welcomes you to a very belated 2019, filled with film reviews, opinion pieces, and detailed essay’s. We hope to strive in more variety of content this year, exploring more deeper elements of the film making process. Not to mention, that we’ll be constantly uploading content weekly, making sure […]

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Aquaman (2018) – Review

As I was watching DC’s latest CGI manifest, with a pair of RealD3D glasses narrowly slanted on my nose, I looked beside me and saw a guy, taking detailed notes regarding the film. Sorry to break it to you pal, but this ain’t that kind of movie. Ah yes, the DCEU, the gritty dark franchise […]

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My Problem With… Van Gogh On Film

I think it’s kind of ironic that the one and only Vincent Van Gogh, professional artist, insane lunatic, and skilled ear-cutter, wouldn’t translate as well to screen as many would think. The problem with adapting any person into an artistic medium, is that it’s nearly impossible to translate their ideologies, without going into discussions related […]

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