Greener Grass – Review

There’s no escaping from the horrors of nuclear-family suburbia. With Greener Grass, it’s difficult to really comment on the film’s bizarre nature, without ruining the delightful obscurity and it’s absurd sequence of events. It’s a film that specifically delves into the confines of a pitch-perfect multi-verse, a technicolor fantasy of walking, moving puppets. Adapted from […]

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Jojo Rabbit – FNC 2019 Review

Our world is currently in shambles. Neo-Nazis, boundary-breaking invasions, and the fight for humanitarian ethics, all seem like prime indicators of a fate that might just lead us into a third World War. As heat grows between confronting sides, it’s only a matter of time before the purified hate and disdain for others, becomes the […]

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Synonyms – FNC 2019 Review

Adopting to a completely new culture can be a terrifying experience. As an individual whose parents are immigrants themselves, I’ve experienced a few of their same tragic obstacles in everyday Canadian life. The implied racist dialect, the aggressive tone of voice, and the shifts in slang are all factors directed towards a larger systematic problem. […]

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The Whistlers – FNC 2019 Review

After surfing on a career high as one of the primary leaders of the Romanian New Wave, Corneliu Porumboiu has been changing the game with films such as The Treasure and Police, Adjective since 06’. The 44-year old director is an experimenter of sorts, an auteur who constantly plays with audience expectations, genre-tropes, and the […]

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Aren’t You Happy – FNC 2019 Review

“Do you believe a better world is yet to come?” In the last couple months, I’ve noticed an intriguing and hopeful trend, related to contemporary German cinema. There’s been a recent spike in female-directed empowerment pieces, which have all been critically acclaimed and financially stable. It all started with Adina Pintilie’s Golden Bear-winning Touch Me […]

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