Firecrackers – Review

One of greatest advantages regarding Canadian cinema, which completely differentiates the international appeal compared to other countries, is how free our films usually are. Whether you like it or not, there’s something anarchist about the Canadian cinematic method, and the open plains of our very own comforting provinces, that makes each and every one of […]

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The Dig – Review

Murder on film, or more so the examination of murder, is an incredibly touchy subject that can both sway audiences in either divisive spectrum. With the debut feature of the Tohill brothers, they’re intricate ideas and overarching narratives, are unfortunately sacrificed in favor of nauseating twists and turns. What could have been a genuine exploration on […]

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Diane – Review

If there’s anything more miserable than a drug-addict themed family drama, is the sheer realization of said misery being turned into exploitative narrative beats. In others terms, misery porn; the lowest form of entertainment, that simultaneous values and disgraces the lives of affected victims. Fortunately, the latest Martin Scorsese executively produced feature Diane, narrowly misses […]

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Hail Satan? – Review

There’s only a select few documentarians which I could label their work as revelatory. Some of these directors include Wim Wenders, Michael Moore, and Morgan Neville. However, one filmmaker as of recently has changed the way I look at the medium, which I’m glad to add to the ranks of these very filmmakers. This artist […]

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Wonder Park – Review

What can be best describe as a descent into sheer madness, Nickelodeon’s Wonder Park is anything but a pleasant experience. From the same animation studio who produced the Academy Award Winning Rango (which was just merely produced less than a decade ago), it’s almost downright questionable how awful and contrived Wonder Park ended up being. […]

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Captive State – Review

With the saturation of the science fiction genre, it’s tough to get a high-concept invasion flick without going through the tedious stages of conception vs execution. With Rupert Wyatt’s Captive State, his unique eye for extraterrestrial life forms and human association is unfortunately halted due to his very inability to fully flesh out his ideas. […]

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