The Kitchen – Review

Ah, the dog days of August. It’s hot, humid, and the sun is high and hazy in the blue skies. What does the multiplex have to offer this weekend? Well, for fans of female comedians and crime junkies, there’s The Kitchen, a crime drama with the novelty of having three women in the lead roles […]

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The Lion King (2019) – Review

Yes, I enjoyed the remake of The Lion King. No, I am not an evil monster who takes pleasure in killing cinema, nor have been paid extravagant amounts of cash by the Walt Disney Corporation to make that statement. Truth be told, it’s one of the more harmless remakes they’ve done; nothing more (and nothing […]

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Toy Story 4 – Review

The decision to continue the beloved Toy Story trilogy was met with widespread rancor across the entire internet. “They wrapped it up perfectly! Why continue?” was the resounding cry from Twitter. Of course, it’s foolish to bet against Pixar, even despite the general downturn in their quality throughout this decade. They’re a collective group of […]

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Aladdin (2019) – Review

Another day, another remake of a Disney animated classic. This time, it’s Aladdin (2019), the beloved smash hit that won Oscars for its music and millions of hearts with Robin Williams’ performance as the wise-cracking Genie. 27 years later, the House of Mouse has deigned to give audiences an extended extravaganza with some major star […]

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Booksmart – Review

What were you like in high school? Cool and popular, a jock, a nerd? We all have our own experiences and horror stories from those days, but rarely can a film capture the emotions behind all of them. The brilliance of Booksmart, the feature length directorial debut from actress and activist Olivia Wilde, lies in […]

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