Dear Fellow Readers and Subscribers,

As you’ve probably already noticed, the majority of On The Clock site has been dead for the lengthy part of April 2020. This is largely due to our staff and writers, who are currently getting accustomed to the new and harsh living conditions during this global pandemic. As many of us are still adapting to our new environments and routines (especially with handling work, school, and other activities), we’ve been absent for a good few weeks now. However, to start off May 2020 on the right foot, we’re glad to announce that the team is now back at full force!

At this current moment in time, the team is deliberating new and inventive ideas for articles, opinion pieces, and essays which we would love to share with our community. As a small site which doesn’t generate much ad-revenue traffic, let alone much reception, all of our writers, editors, and sponsors of On The Clock are all in this for the celebration of Cinema. This month, we would like to highlight different topics, cultures, and waves found in this articulate medium. For us, writing about film is our passion and we cannot wait to share what we’ve created. 

For the distant lack of content, we hope to make it up with all of our readers with some new material. We wish to give our readers a little bit of light during these dark times. Sometimes, celebrating and commemorating an art form is a great way to bring up morale. Thank you for reading our site, and we hope you stay tuned for more updates and posts in the future. 


   David Cuevas, Head Writer and Editor of On The Clock 

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