Ready or Not – Fantasia 2019 Review

For those concerned about the “Twentieth-Century Fox Disney” acquisition which occurred earlier this year, regarding censorship within the Fox Searchlight division; don’t feel threatened fellow reader! As it gracefully turns out, their latest film Ready or Not, is anything but kiddy entertainment. To the brave souls who are committed for a devilish fun time, this latest film from the 25-year old indie studio pretty much has every grueling bloody murder you would expect from a self-contained horror of this type; where with each stab and bludgeon, the stakes and tension keeps on reckoning until the final end-resolution. What can be best described as a marriage between dark comedy and brutal thriller, Ready Or Not is sure to have audiences on the edge with both laughter and suspense. It’s Jumanji meets The Most Dangerous Game

Starring genre-queen Samara Weaving, who has previously demonstrated some superb acting chops in some previous horror-related flicks such as Mayhem and the Netflix original film The Babysitter, Ready Or Not may just be her career defining role. From villainess turned heroine, Weaving presents an array of both comedic and heart-warming chops, where the inflicted murderous actions from her character’s in-laws, reveals a genuine passion for the project and the dedication to her lead role with her physical performance. Andie Macdowell also makes a grand impression with her motherly role as one of the many sadistic leaders of her convent of eccentric family ties. 

It has to be said that without the passionate direction from Matt Bettinelli-Opin and Tyler Gillet, Ready Or Not wouldn’t have even existed in the first place. Their insane ideas, and collective inspiration and work ethic from creating segments for horror anthologies such as V/H/S and Southbound, displays a true admiration and talent for their work. From the execution of the gut busting one-liners, to the gruesome practical horror effects, it’s the artistic integrity from the duo that drives this film home. By no means is this a pseudo-intellectual think-piece about the familiar clash of the lower class with the top 1%. Nobody in there right mind would even expect such a thing, for a film that’s labeled as a cat and mouse dark comedy about a deadly game of Hide and Seek. Though what really shines through, is the unapologetic middle-finger moments against the upper class and their personal superstitions for luck and prosperity. It’s the small jokes sprinkled throughout, that will leave a lasting rich impression regarding the film’s successful satirical approach.

Don’t go into Ready or Not expecting a cinematic masterpiece; because it isn’t one, nor does it try to be one. It’s a self aware roller-coaster of horrific twists and turns, that will emotionally covert the most sensitive of audience members to the dark side. Gory, intensely demanding, and pleasantly hilarious, Ready or Not will make you reconsider your point of view on childish board games, extended families, and prosperous white-dominated American enterprises.

Ready or Not screened at this year’s Fantasia Film Festival. The film will hit cinemas Nationwide on August 23rd

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