The Sun Is Also A Star – Review

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have films like The Sun Is Also A Star. In the most perfect utopia, we would be free of the idiotic reigns of directors, attempting to tackle on the most difficult feats to pull off in any possible medium; a grounded young adult romantic relationship. Ah yes, don’t you love it when you sit down, to view a film with barely any expectations, and you leave the theater filled with disgust and regret for even bothering to give the film a chance in the first place. One would expect a director in this very field, who has created multiple films surrounding teenaged-like adolescence, to perfect their characteristics, and attitude. Yet, it seems clear that Ry Russo-Young is living in the past, because none of her characters, or even direction is remotely inspired, or grounded in any of her character’s actions or motivations.

You would expect after directing Before I Fall, that a director would work on tying up loose problematic ends, in order to create a fulfilling experience. Oddly enough, The Sun Is Also A Star somehow manages to make a bigger mess of a directorial follow up, by adding sequences of stalking, toxic masculinity, and predatory behavior as means for flirtatious romantic effect. It’s not sexy, nor is it appealing. There’s a clear moment in time where we need to take the corniness out, to preserve the audience’s sanity and moral compass.

Alongside all of it’s tacky problematic situations, the film fails in delivering anything new, refreshing, or inventive with the cliches it borrows heavily from more prevalent rom-coms. Utilizing the wondrous power of montages, and some unique shot composition, the film relentlessly inspires each audience member to suffer through the the cheesy, hellish world of half-assed relationships. There’s no energy nor real charisma in any of the performances for that matter, outside of the lead performers alien-like awkwardness (whispers and stilted pauses has never been this much of a turn-off!)

Best described as the cinematic equivalent to speed dating, The Sun Is Also A Star is one big hot mess. It means well with it’s hyperactive optimism, yet it more turns into a Life Itself (2018) situation, in terms of it’s overuse of discussions on fate and destiny. If your seeking a film to please all of your personal teenage gawkiness and absurd lunchtime daydreams of romance and honeymoons, than I’m happy to say that this film was designated for you, and ONLY you. For everyone else, stay far away from The Sun (Is Also A Star). It will burn your eyes in a matter of minutes! It wasn’t a pleasant experience, trust me.

The Sun Is Also A Star opens nationwide this Friday.

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