I Love You, Now Die: The Commonwealth VS. Michelle Carter – Hot Docs 2019 Quickie Review

Guess who’s never going to have a long distance relationship now!

I Love You, Now Die is a HBO two part miniseries directed by Erin Lee Carr. The film is about (without spoiling anything) how a relationship can go so wrong, in which one teen’s actions can shock the nation by how truly toxic, their relationship became. Just with this premise alone, the film has a great hook for a great documentary that thankfully delivers. HBO has created yet another documentary that will create conversations and headlines everywhere!

The whole entire miniseries comes in at a 2 hours and 20 minute run-time, but in all fairness, the film needs every minute of it’s lengthy duration to build up the situations presented. From the beginning to the very end, it’s such a captivating documentary that continuously builds upon itself. You really get to see every side of this conflicting situation from many different perspectives and it’s all presented in a way that is truly unbiased. This allows the audience to have a decision by the end on what side they are on and allows them to feel for either side whether you disagree or not. Some of the best parts of the documentary are its commentary on how dangerous being on our phones and/or social media can truly be for people who are not emotionally stable. The documentary shows a series of text messages gradually throughout its run-time, with each text becoming more disturbing with each passing minute.

In the end, I Love You, Now Die is an excellent miniseries that HBO will be fortunately release this summer. It’s the type of documentary that will certainly create conversations about it’s controversial topics, and is a film that I can truly say is thought-provoking.


I Love You, Now Die: The Commonwealth VS. Michelle Carter screened at this year’s Hot Docs Canadian International Film Festival, as part of the Special Presentations program. The film will hit HBO this July!

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