Gaza – Hot Docs 2019 Quickie Review

Garry Keane and Andrew McConnell take us on an in-depth look at the harsh life that the residents of the Gaza Strip are living through. The filmmakers journey to this politically uncertain middle-ground between two neighboring nations, strive to explore how something like this can happen to such a substantial number of people; being trapped in something like a prison. But beyond this; they explore the lives of certain people within; from a child with over forty siblings/step-siblings, to an aspiring cellist living in surprising wealth, to a modest cab driver and to an energetic theater director.

We are shown a vast array of individuals; each one desiring change; drawn together in this deeply powerful and moving documentary, shot with such precision that we get a sense of all the natural beauty, both in the physical environment and the people. This is what the film is exploring: individuals longing for a life like the ones that we, in western society, take for granted. Simple things, like having our own bedroom or ready access to arts and culture. Keane and McConnell crafted this with their hearts and brought us into their visions; hoping we will recognize a part of the world that, otherwise, we might not have even been aware existed.

Gaza is set to be screened at this year’s Hot Docs Canadian International Film Festival, as part of the Special Presentations program, on the following dates:

Tuesday, April 30th – 6:00 PM – TIFF Bell Lightbox 2

Wednesday, May 1st – 3:45 PM – Isabel Bader Theatre

Friday, May 3rd – 3:45 PM – Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

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