76th Golden Globes – Film Predictions

The Golden Globes, first and foremost, is Hollywood’s biggest circle jerk. Sure, some may argue the Oscars, but when you have an award show, that’s celebrates both film and television, and when every celebrity on the face of the earth get’s shit faced drunk for ONE night, and applaud to any film/series, regardless of the quality of the content itself, it’s safe to say that the Globes holds the reign’s for the most egregious and wildest award show of the year. Today, the 76th Golden Globes will air, and for the most part, the nominees, as predicted, are well, mediocre. But that’s the fun of it all. So today, let’s take a look at the film nominees and discuss on what will win, should win, and what should win. 


Best Picture – Drama

This is by far the most despicable category out of the bunch. Star is Born and Bohemian Rhapsody in Drama? Those two films have heavy usage of music and performance art, so why aren’t they in Musical or Comedy? What about Black Panther and BlacKkKlansman? Those films have moments of levity and comedy! To be honest, the only film that qualifies as a drama is If Beale Street Could Talk; and to be EVEN more honest, none of these films are deserving of a Best Picture Nomination with an exception of Mr. Spike Lee’s vigorously entertaining joint. It’s also a shame that Roma wasn’t able to compete, which makes matters even more ironic due to how the Golden Globes are run by The Hollywood Foreign Press. The Hollywood Foreign Press, an association meant to spread the word regarding foreign content, has a rule in place in which Foreign cinema can’t compete in Best Picture….


If I had to make the call it would easily be A Star is Born. People love it, critics adore it. It’s a hit as they say in the industry. Black Panther could come up as an upset, due to its political traction, but I think it’s safe to say that voters will go Gaga on A Star is Born instead. My pick. BlacKkKlansman. One of Spike Lee’s best, and as well one of the best films to come out of 2018.


Will Win: A Star Is Born

Could Win: Black Panther

Should Win: BlacKkKlansman

Best Picture – Comedy or Musical

This category is much more civil than the drama category. Not only are the film’s surprisingly better in this category compared to most year’s, but dare I say it, will be remembered more than the film’s in the opposing category. It’s difficult to make a call here, but I believe it’s a three way competition between Vice, Green Book, and The Favourite. However, I do think the Hollywood Foreign Press are going to lean more towards Green Book due to its general appeal. I wouldn’t be mad regardless if any of the three win. It’s also nice to see Crazy RIch Asians on here. I wasn’t a big fan of the film, but it’s representation has improved the industry for the better. The Favourite is obviously my favorite though.


Will Win: Green Book

Could Win: Vice or The Favourite

Should Win: The Favourite

Best Performance by an Actor In A Motion Picture – Drama

Another strong category for the most part. All of these actors gave it their all and deserve their respective recognition. I particularly found Willem Dafoe’s performance in At Eternity’s Gate to be the strongest out of the batch, but that doesn’t mean that it will win per-say. At Eternity’s Gate is more of an experimental art film, that’s not very appealing to most foreign press and academy voters. Said voters would probably go for something more subdued, such as Bradley Cooper in A Star Is Born, or Rami “Video” Malek in Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s pretty much a tight fist fight between the two, and it can go either way. I don’t really care, to be honest, just as long as B***n S****r doesn’t get anymore work.


Will Win: Bradley Cooper

Could Win: Rami Malek

Should Win: Willem Dafoe

Best Performance by an Actress In A Motion Picture – Drama

Yet another strong category that will be hard to predict! Although I haven’t seen Destroyer yet, Nicole Kidman shouldn’t be left empty handed this award season, after her incredible transformation in Karyn Kusama’s latest. Of course I’m using trailer footage as reference, but what I’ve seen from the film so far, her performance looks like a knockout. It’s essentially one big box match between Gaga, Close, and McCarthy. I personally thought Close’s performance in The Wife was particularly tasteless, but still commendable overall. I personally think it will go to Gaga, however my pick would easily be Melissa McCarthy in Can You Ever Forgive Me?, who gives her best performance yet.


Will Win: Lady Gaga

Could Win: Glenn Close or Melissa McCarthy

Should Win: Melissa McCarthy

Best Performance by an Actor In A Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy

Although I have yet to see Stan and Ollie, most of these picks are quite strong. It’s obvious that Christian Bale’s physical transformation will win, however Viggo might sneak up and snatch the award. I wouldn’t have much of a problem with that happening to be honest. Both performances, with Bale’s being slightly more commendable, are enthralling pieces of work from previously established incredible actors. My choice is Robert Redford for The Old Man & The Gun, who gives one hell of a “final send-off”

maxresdefault (1)

Will Win: Christian Bale

Could Win: Viggo Mortensen

Should Win: Robert Redford  

Best Performance by an Actress In A Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy

Another commendable category of great picks yet again! Nice to see Elsie Fisher on there! Seeing child/teen actors get nominated for deserving work is always a plus. However, it’s Colman’s year. She dominated The Favourite. Sure, some voters may be turned off by some of the scandalous material shown in the film, but Colman’s role simply overpowers the competition, deservingly so. If there was going to be any potential upset, it would most likely be Emily Blunt, however, there’s an incredibly low chance of that occurring.


Will Win: Olivia Colman

Could Win: Emily Blunt

Should Win: Olivia Colman

Best Performance by an Actor In A Supporting Role

It’s Richard E. Grant. Simple, done. His performance fucks, and most critics and voters agree as well. I mean, I really liked Chalamet’s performance in Beautiful Boy, but yeah, it’s Richard’s year. There might be a possibility that Rockwell could win or even Ali for that matter, but I honestly don’t think that will be the case this year. Don’t be a dick they say!  


Will Win: Richard E. Grant

Could Win: Sam Rockwell & Mahershala Ali

Should Win: Richard E. Grant

Best Performance by an Actress In A Supporting Role

Honestly, any person in this category deserves it. This category, unlike the supporting actor category, is incredibly hard to predict. The only person that I know for sure that’s NOT going to win is Emma Stone, but even then that’s a stretch. So little choices, so little time. Que Sera, Sera!


Will Win: Amy Adams or Regina King

Could Win: Claire Foy or Rachel Weisz

Should Win: All of them???

Best Director

This category is most likely going to cause the most outrage tonight. It SHOULD go to Cuarón, obviously. However, for my personal prediction, it’s going to be a tough battle between Cooper and Lee. I would obviously prefer Spike Lee, but the awards attention towards Bradley Cooper simply out-way’s Spike’s chances. Pop Star-Like Fame Is The Name In The Game!


Will Win: Bradley Cooper

Could Win: Spike Lee

Should Win: Alfonso Cuarón

Best Screenplay

Another tough category, but I personally think The Favourite is going to win the battle. It’s sardonic sense of humor and dialogue is just so damn enjoyable, that both cinephiles and voters alike can’t dismiss, regardless of its content. Vice and Green Book do have strong chances though, so said films might pull an upset.


Will Win: The Favourite

Could Win: Vice or Green Book

Should Win: The Favourite

Best Animated Feature

With all of it’s critical traction, Sony is going to win big  this year. Although I personally prefer Isle of Dogs and Mirai, Spider-Verse is still a very deserving win and choice. Pixar could win, but there isn’t much of a possibility of that happening. Spider-Verse is so fresh in voters heads, that they’ve probably already forgotten about The Incredible 2 at this point.


Will Win: Into the Spider-Verse

Could Win: The Incredibles 2

Should Win: Isle of Dogs & Mirai

Best Foreign Language Film:

Cuarón Cuarón Cuarón Cuarón Cuarón Cuarón Cuarón Cuarón Cuarón Cuarón Cuarón Cuarón Cuarón Cuarón Cuarón Cuarón Cuarón SZN SZN SZN SZN SZN SZN SZN SZN SZN SZN SZN SZN SZN SZN SZN SZN SZN SZN SZN SZN SZN SZN SZN SZN SZN SZN SZN

(Shoplifters could win, but yeah. It’s Cuarón’s time to shine)


Will Win: Roma

Could Win: Shoplifters

Should Win: Roma

Best Original Score:

This category is a fucking joke. To quote Harris Dang:

A QUIET PLACE got nominated for Best Original Score? A film that shouldn’t have a fucking score in the first place?

To be frank, the only two deserving scores here are Isle of Dogs and First Man. I liked what Göransson tried to do with Black Panther, but it just ended up becoming an R&B styled mess. Which is why it’s most likely going to win. Mary Poppins might fly away with this one, but for my pick on who is going to win, the furry prince is gonna take it. Wakanda forever I guess.


Will Win: Black Panther

Could Win: Mary Poppins Returns

Should Win: Isle of Dogs

Best Original Song:

Oh who cares. It’s gonna be Shallow. The song bopped. It was a hit. I can’t disagree with the facts. I liked Requiem For A Private War, but you just can’t compete against them pop stars nowadays. Black Panther might pull an upset, but you never know. All I’m saying is that it HAS to be Gaga.


Will Win: Shallow

Could Win: All The Stars

Should Win: Shallow & Requiem For A Private War


The 76th Annual Golden Globes Air Tonight – 8PM EST


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