Aladdin (2019) – Review

Another day, another remake of a Disney animated classic. This time, it’s Aladdin (2019), the beloved smash hit that won Oscars for its music and millions of hearts with Robin Williams’ performance as the wise-cracking Genie. 27 years later, the House of Mouse has deigned to give audiences an extended extravaganza with some major star […]

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Meeting Gorbachev – Review

Werner Herzog, at the brisk age of 76, is considered too many (specifically cinephiles) as a mass influence and personal favorite auteur. His soothing narration, and arbitrary direction, has created a fandom of his audacious work too many international viewers. His films ranges from topics such as Nosferatu, to a documentary about one man’s passionate […]

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The Disappearance Of My Mother – Hot Docs 2019 Quickie Review

Beniamino Barrese’s The Disappearance Of My Mother begins with a casting call, where numerous young European woman are lined up, prepared to be photographed and interviewed, regarding Barrese’s influential role model, and own guardian, Benedetta Barzini. In what comes to an arousing conclusion of mixed images and fluttered dreams from Barzini’s perspective, The Disappearance of […]

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Rocketman – Review

Elton John. We know his music, we know his look, we know the level of class and talent he’s capable of. But do we really know him, as a person, as a compadre? In Dexter Fletcher’s latest biopic, regarding the the rise to fame of the Elton John’s work and celebrity status, this musical fantasy […]

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Booksmart – Review

What were you like in high school? Cool and popular, a jock, a nerd? We all have our own experiences and horror stories from those days, but rarely can a film capture the emotions behind all of them. The brilliance of Booksmart, the feature length directorial debut from actress and activist Olivia Wilde, lies in […]

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The Sun Is Also A Star – Review

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have films like The Sun Is Also A Star. In the most perfect utopia, we would be free of the idiotic reigns of directors, attempting to tackle on the most difficult feats to pull off in any possible medium; a grounded young adult romantic relationship. Ah yes, don’t you […]

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